Who owns the top automobile brands

The proper guide of ownership over the car industry that and their partnerships. The tree of this automobile industry is really bit confusing, the last decades of the auto industry has been seen some partnerships between the auto industries, sales, bankruptcies, separations and the killed off the full divisions, on the other hand, that this makes car industries a bit hitch to keep up by who has owns which brands of car.


The automakers have to get into shape down to become so much advantageous and the efficient, all have seen some names of stories like Mercury, Hummer, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, these all are actually dull in the book of history. As far as some other companies or brands like Jaguar, Volvo, and Chrysler, they search some new parents of corporate, occasionally somewhere outside to their original nation. To assist for cleaning up some of this confusion, there is a guide to who owns the top automobile brands.


There are many brands which have been gone but also added in the list, like Scion, this is due to these models are still easily achievable on the automobile market, there are some brands in a small volume such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, which are also in absence of main carmaker parent industries or companies. Several brands names are links to the pages of the brands so that anyone can search the link to past road tests and current. The list is also can change, to look that main brands compare in owner satisfaction and reliability and also the performance of road tests.


Automobile Brands Guide

The list is here of main brands of the car with its parent corporation also added with brands which are retired but products are still easily available in the market:


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