Who Invented Automobile Air Conditioning?

The installation of air conditioning in cars began in 1933 when a company in the United States decided to offer installation of the air conditioners. The air conditioners in a car have been proved very beneficial for hot summer days.

How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Automobile Air Conditioner?

It is considered one of the most important features in a vehicle. It is, however, important to know how to properly use your automobile air conditioning in order to avoid additional stress on the engine or reducing the mileage of fuel. You can follow certain tips to maximize the efficiency of the automobile air conditioner. You must ensure that you are using it properly in order to avoid any unnecessary damages.

  • In order to reduce the working of the automobile AC, you must park your car in the shade. This is most important if you are going to leave your car parked in the afternoon for a long period of time. Parking the car in shade will not heat the car and the temperature inside will remain low.
  • You can avoid getting to the AC immediately by rolling down all the windows down and driving for a while. This will allow the cool and fresh air to get in and force the hot and stagnant air out.
  • You must not immediately crank the air condition to a very high level will cause fast wear and tear. It can also lead to overheating as more energy is required to cool rapidly without any previous warming up.
  • You must use the circulation option of the air conditioner to ensure that the hot air is not being pulled inside the car.

What Are The Benefits Of Automotive AC?

There are various benefits of automotive AC such as ensuring the optimal performance, removing airborne containment and replace bad components.

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