Preserve Your Art With Encadrement From Atelier


Art is not just a piece of painting but a fine story portrayed in a scenic manner. When combined with a perfect framing the picture can simply enlighten the environment around and make you keep your eyes fixed. The first step of picture Encadrement is design. Designing a perfect frame is a thoughtful process as the mere fitting of some random framing can even destroy the entire look. All the effort you put in your art deserves a perfect framework to give it the finishing touch. It increases the worth of your already valuable picture. With Atelier you get various designs in frames for your picture and a wide variety to choose with.

A perfect frame

It is important to know the technicalities of an Encadrement before actually choosing it. There are certain materials and methods used in designing a frame. To separate the glass from the art surface matting is used which ensures that there is no air gap since the moisture can damage your work. Materials such as charcoal, chalk or pastel ensure that there is a gap of at least 1/4” which maintains the static electricity to keep pulling the medium from the surface. The next important factor is color which is coordinated by the matting. The top mat must be neutral in color and possess a lesser intensity than art. Some more mats beneath the top mat can be provided to get color accents.

 Features of the site

  • Atelier Daniel has years of experience in Encadrement of the picture with the best professional team in service of the same.
  • The company offers complete client satisfaction and quality framing.
  • It comes up with up to date current designs, products, and techniques.
  • You can choose to frame the artwork or even other pieces of art with the professional team at your service.
  • The ongoing trade participation is widely encouraged by the company.
  • Get more details on framing by learning more on the site.

 Decorate your piece of art

So buy amazing frames from Atelier Daniel and decorate your artwork. Choose from the various designs and get museum-quality frames. You can directly contact the team of professionals by browsing the website. The company is also well known to have worked with other companies, hospitals, foundations and more.  You can fill a simple consultation form and request your demand. You would soon be reverted with quality products.




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