How Bikes Can Change A Living


To get a great live you should be healthy and physically active. Regular physical activities can protect you from many diseases like heart disease, mental issues, arthritis and diabetes. Riding a bike is one of the best way to keep yourself healthy. Bikes is also known as bicycle. It is a hull which is attached with two wheels and peddles.

Riding a bike is healthy fun exercise which can be enjoyed by all people of all ages. It is also cheap and good for environment as it do not pollute the environment.

How cycling can be healthy:

If you are cycling an hour per day it gives a huge impact on your health.

  • It causes less pain, stress and injuries as compared to other form of exercise.
  • It pumps all the major muscle of the body as you pedal up.
  • You don’t need to be pro in it. As it does not require high skill and once you learn it you will never forget it.
  • It increases you stamina and strength.
  • It is also a mode of transport. You can easily come out from traffic and can save your time.


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